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Join us, as we
Hydrate The World.

Everything you need to stay hydrated
without all the things you don't.

Natural Hydration with 3 simple ingredients.

Spring Water

Water is essential to life and all your body's internal functions.

Himalayan Salt

84 essential minerals critical for hydration, nerve conduction and muscle contraction to perform at your best, everyday.

Lemon Juice

Acidity for the gut to digest food and Vitamin C for proper immune function throughout your day.

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Natural Hydration (12 pack)

DAILY SOL | $27.95


Sparkling Hydration (12 pack)

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We created Sol Water Company to make a difference in people and the world.

The world is water. We are water.

75% of the US adult population suffers from chronic dehydration. We want to raise awareness and hope by getting people hydrated we can make a positive impact.

Sustainable, positive changes.

We are living in an increasingly disconnected world. The smallest behavior change can make truly significant impacts on ourselves and the people around us.

Our Message is simple.

Start making the conscious effort to help yourself and help the World.  Make the tiny commitment to hydrate yourself and we will match that commitment by donating 5 cents for each can we sell to help save the Amazon Rainforest.

Just natural ingredients.

We made Sol Water because there are so many sports drinks available but they all use artificial powders or synthetic ingredients (and that sketches us out).  We wanted something simple and effective without the overwhelming taste of something brewed in a lab.

Hydration from salt, not sugar.

Did you know that 75% of adults in the United States are chronically dehydrated? Sol Water helps get us back on the right track without a "proprietary formula" (or worse SUGAR) and instead uses electrolytes and minerals from Himalayan salt to keep you hydrated.

Daily Sol | $27.95

12 Pack | Clean, Natural Hydration

3-5 day shipping 

Quality Guarantee

Don't just take our word for it...

"If you enjoy the taste of lemon and salt, then this is the drink for you! Reminds me of lemonade without all the added sugar and the benefits speak for themselves."


"I wasn't sure this would help with recovery after workouts but the effects are really noticeable! It really helped me recover after a 20+ mile bike ride."


"Thirst quenching and conveniently canned, grabbing a cold one of these is the perfect reward for waking up early or tough workout"


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Sol Spark | $28.95  

12 Pack | Natural Hydration with a "Spark"

3-5 day shipping 

Quality Guarantee

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