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Daily Sol (12 Pack)


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Introducing Daily Sol!

Our new Sol Water formula with the same great taste with slightly less salt.

We got some great feedback from our first production of Sol Water and wanted to give it a little update with **Daily Sol**. We lowered the sodium content down to 864mg to give a smoother taste (a tad less salty than the last formula).

We also renamed our flagship drink to **Daily Sol** to help illustrate the daily habit of hydration. You can still enjoy it after a tough workout or for "daily" hydration support!

Clean hydration with just 3 simple ingredients:

Sol Water uses Himalayan salt, natural lemon juice, and spring water to make an all-natural alternative to sugary sports drinks without all the extra chemicals, powders, and artificial flavors.

Used by athletes and high performance seekers around the world, Sol Water is the perfect way to jumpstart your morning or re-charge after an intense workout. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love it!

Love Sol water! It’s very refreshing. It’s become my go-to beverage when I need to balance out electrolytes. Highly recommend trying it!

Sol Water - can’t live without it!

Sol Water - after Hot Yoga - most refreshing beverage ever!

Morning hydration

Love this first thing in the morning. Great way to rise and shine.

Add this to your daily routine

Starting my day with some form of electrolyte drink has been a staple of my morning routine for the past few years. In terms of ensuring proper hydration, it's a no-brainer. That challenge has always been finding one that's not loaded with sugar or made up of blood-sugar spiking chemicals - Sol Water fills that void (especially when intermittent fasting). Thirst quenching and conveniently canned, grabbing a cold one of these has been a nice reward for waking up or completing a tough workout.