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We created Sol Water Company
to make a difference in people
and the world.

We want to hydrate the world.

The world is water, we are water. 75% of the US adult population suffers from chronic dehydration. We want to raise awareness and hope by getting people hydrated we can make a positive impact.

Water is the problem and water is the solution. 

Our Story

Sol Water was started in the summer of 2020, we realized we are living in an increasingly disconnected world. In these times, the smallest behavior change can make truly significant impacts on ourselves and the people around us. Sol Water is here to remind us that we are all connected and we can all make a positive difference in ourselves and one another.

Our Message is simple

Start making the conscious effort to help yourself and help the World.

Make the tiny commitment to hydrate yourself and we will match that commitment by donating 5 cents for each can we sell to help save the Amazon Rainforest.

Meet Calvin

Our Founder, Calvin started Sol Water as the capstone project to his Rutgers MBA. He noticed that there were so many different sports drinks available but even if they presented themselves as "natural" they still used different artificial flavors, chemicals and powders. He had been mixing the lemon/salt drink for himself for years and wanted a simpler solution to daily hydration.

Try Sol Water for yourself -
and help us hydrate the world.